Prophecy Ahoy

Jail Time...


Aaand I've been jailed. Talk about discrimination.  

The navy (I'm not really sure which one to be honest)  has started arresting all magical folk and non-humans.  Yup.  Everyone.

 I guess the latest idea is to press the more local folks for any whisperings or rumors of some map or something.  I guess someone, somewhere remembered that the war is over a prophecy or mystical relic of some sort.  The two generally go hand in hand. 

There's quite an odd bunch tucked away in this gross old fort.  Everyone's weapons and gear has been taken away. I got stuck next to some old grizzly pirate captain… there's a tiefling druid a few cells away… it's interesting.  Never thought I'd see that combination.  But that's why she's here I suppose.  A few other odd humans and assorted magic folks. I think one of the guys down the hall (I can't tell with the stone walls)  is an informant I use sometimes to get information about the pirates in the area.  He sounds familiar though.  Interestingly enough, there's a few soldiers from both sides of the war locked up too.  


devin_zoltowski rachelguarriello

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